SYTT's Competency

We operate client freights safely
with various freight experience and know-how.

  1. 01 30-year multi-freight-experience know-how

    Safe client freight operation by professionals, such as bonded goods caretakers, safety and dangerous substances controllers, etc.

  2. 02 Berthable deck of 4-capacity deck to minimize clients' demurrage

    4-capacity deck, including a 120,000DWT exclusive deck to minimize client's burden of demurrage

  3. 03 Geopolitical Location
    • The good weather condition of the temperate monsoon climate and locational characteristics of the natural bay maintains calm water in any bad weather and allows stable freight handling.
    • It is located on the arterial seaway that connects Asia, NA, and Europe and has excellent mediatibility with North China and Japan ports; it is a geopolitically excellent site as a North East Asia logistics base port in the 21st century.
    • It has blessed port conditions with deep water and a low height of waves for large ships to berth and safe work environment.
  4. 04 Wide hinterland

    Located at Yeosu Industrial Complex, Korea's largest petrochemistry complex, which can establish mutually efficient business networks with related companies

  5. 05 Process Control System

    The system that displays and processes real-time freight warehousing and releasing status for efficient and safe client freight management