SY Tank Terminal puts its best effort into being
the best business partner for clients.

Welcome to SY Tank Terminal.

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to SY Tank Terminal, a leading independent tank terminal operator based in Yeosu, Korea.

Our prolonged history dates back to the establishment in 1989, and upon continuous efforts to create value to our customers, we now proudly stand as a profound leader that effectively operates and manages liquid cargo storage tanks. We primarily value our relationship as well as the mutual credibility we have established with our valued customers over the years, which has served as the cornerstone for our continued growth.

We thrive to be the leader in Korea's tank terminal industry that thoroughly acknowledges, understands and implements environment, social and governance standards and practices, which we believe is key to a sustainable success story. In order to proactively respond to recent changes in the industry, we have obtained ISO certification and currently implements effective systematic management practices over safety, environment and quality of our services.

As a socially responsible company that contributes to the economy of Korea and the well-being of our valued customers, we consider compliance and ethical management as a pre-requisite of sustainable growth. We remain committed to fulfilling our role as a corporate citizen.

SY Tank Terminal will continue to provide safe storage and transportation services of domestic and international petrochemical feedstock as a reliable business partner. We will faithfully carry out our core business values to ensure the best of our customers, local communities, shareholders and employees. As a leading tank terminal operator that serves numerous domestic and international customers in the petrochemical industry, we will continuously acknowledge and commit to the wider national economy.

Thank you.

CEO, SY Tank Terminal Corp.   Park Tae-Gyung