SYTT is looking for talented people cultured as cooperators, professionals, challengers, and positive thinkers.

  • 01


    Personnel who communicates and cooperates with coworkers to obtain high performance

  • 02


    Personnel with expertise in their field with ownership mindset

  • 03


    Personnel that challenges themselves without residing at present with leading mindset

  • 04

    Positive Thinkers

    Personnel who value honesty and trust with positive mindset

Receuitment Process

SYTT always welcomes personnel who can make a better tomorrow with SYTT.

  1. 서류검토 아이콘 STEP 1
    Document Screening
    Submit related documentary evidences

    Assessment of applicants' personality, attitude, expertise, etc. on documents

  2. 면접 아이콘 STEP 2
    Interview 1
    with Working Group

    Interview with the working group to assess applicants' personality, attitude, expertise, etc.

  3. 면접 아이콘 STEP 3
    Interview 2
    Interview with
    Executive Members

    Interview with the executive members to verify applicant's histocompatibility, personality, attitude, etc., and other qualifications comprehensively.

  4. 신체검사 아이콘 STEP 4
    Medical Checkup
    Health Medical

    Conduct medical examination and submit

탱크로리 아이콘 STEP 5
Final Selection
Individual notification to
successful candidates

Successful candidates are notified individually


SYTT supports the increase of the staff members' life quality via various welfare systems.

  • Personal Life Support

    • Children's Tuition Support 아이콘 Children's Tuition Support
    • Family Occasion Support 아이콘 Family Occasion Support
    • Parental Leave System 아이콘 Parental Leave System
  • Leisure Life Support

    • Vacation Facilities / Resorts Support Vacation Facilities / Resorts Support
    • In-company Club Activities Support 아이콘 In-company Club Activities Support
    • Vacation Pay Support 아이콘 Vacation Pay Support
  • Healthy Life Support

    • Medical Expenses Support 아이콘 Medical Expenses Support
    • Full Medical Examination support 아이콘 Full Medical Examination support
  • Other Support

    • Foundation Day / Labor Day Gifts 아이콘 Foundation Day / Labor Day Gifts
    • Holiday Gifts 아이콘 Holiday Gifts
    • License Fee Support 아이콘 License Fee Support